EWB in Malawi – Water and Sanitation 2010
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G8 and Canadian Aid

July 10, 2010

G8 and Canadian Aid Working here in rural Malawi and witnessing the efforts of foreign NGOs makes me question the efficiency of Canadian aid.  For example, in Lilongwe district alone, there are a number of NGO’s working in the ‘water sector’.  From what I have seen, there is no regulation or collaboration between these NGO’s, […]

BASEDA and other water players

July 10, 2010

  BASEDA and other water players  I thought the best way to explain whats going on would be through a diagram: Explanation of “Lilongwe District Water Point Functionality Hierarchy” Diagram The Regional Water Office (RWO) sends out “Borehole Overseers” (BH) who, like Water Monitoring Assistants (WMAs), repair boreholes free of charge. These BHs may have […]